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my is dad, is my hero 💕

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always remember what you deserve.
repeat 🔄
i should be doing something…
summer reality…
тalĸ мedιcal тo мe😘
so what are you trying to say?





things girls dont like about boys

  • "ew stop talking about tampons tmi"
  • *draws penis on literally everything*
  • "whoa chill out it’s just a joke"
  • "yeah it’s 8 inches"
  • "she looks like such a bitch"
  • "lmao im such a lesbian"
  • "if you like girls why dont you dress like one"
  • "Yeah childbirth hurts but have you ever been kicked in the balls"

"period cramps cant be that bad”

"Jesus. Are you on your period?


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me when I got my report card (⊃^o^)⊃